03 Mar Social on Autopilot? Not so fast.

Life in the digital age has made ‘set it and forget it’ the go-to mode for managing every aspect of our lives – from paying bills to managing the temperature in our homes. But, if you’re ‘setting and forgetting’ your social media efforts, we have...

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16 Nov RE Trends 2017: Is Your City Smart?

When you hear the term ‘Smart City’ you may be inclined to envision the streets of the world’s educational meccas. However, in the world of Real Estate, Urban Planning, and Development, that term is taking on a completely different meaning. Today, ‘Smart City’ refers not...

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08 Nov Building Multigenerational Homes for the Next Generation

"Family" (CC BY 2.0) by laurel marie photography This year, The Pew Research Center identified a growing trend in multigenerational living. This means that more and more families are returning to what was once considered an antiquated lifestyle where parents, grown children, and even grandchildren all live together under...

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