08 Dec Hasn’t this always been the case? Luxury is different for everyone. We all have our own definition of what luxury is. Here are some examples listed in a Trendingwatch.com article.

  • Time with loved ones
  • Time for oneself
  • All things local
  • Peace and Quiet
  • Eco-friendly
  • Households of Six or More
  • Anything Premium

What’s the point?

Luxury is what we make it. My luxury is different from your luxury. This is very important to keep in mind when thinking about marketing. Just because thousands of square feet may seem like luxury to you, it might not be the same for others. When developing a marketing plan, we must adopt a mentality of varying luxury.

How can we Use this mentality?

Understanding and using this mentality points back to a reoccurring theme with me. Our marketing and advertising plans need to be based on what our target market needs. In this case, what does our target market consider to be luxury?

Is luxury the biggest, newest and most expensive? It might be depending on the particular case, but I challenge you to look beyond the norms of luxury. When we develop second home communities for retirees, what are they looking for? Maybe it’s a way for them to enjoy time with their grand children. This could be considered a luxury to them. If we can identify something like this, then we can develop these luxuries and use them as marketing tools.

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