11 Feb Mahsable.com recently published a blog with several predictions for an evolving Internet. The four predictions were definitely interesting and thought provoking.

As a real estate marketer, these predictions make me wonder how the field of advertising will evolve along with the Internet. We are seeing changes in the online marketing model everyday. Social media has changed the way we market online. As the Internet evolves, so will social networking.

Below are two trends listed in the article that really stuck out to me.

The Web Will Be Accessible Anywhere

I have hit on this topic before. The Internet is becoming more accessible outside of our homes. This means that our consumers will be shopping for and reviewing products on the go. It is predicted that this year will become the year of mass real-time reviews. Consumers can achieve this with cell phones but as predicted by Mashable, wireless networks will soon blanket cities. This will encourage the use of the Internet outside of the home using net books and iPad like devices, thus leading to the more frequent use of social networking services.

Social Media Will Be The Largest Component

The Mashable.com article points out that humans, by nature, are social creatures. I totally agree with what they are saying. We are social beings and we base a lot of our daily decisions on social interactions, especially product consumption including real estate. The rise of social networking and peer reviews has really put that into perspective. As the Internet grows, so will social networking.

In my opinion, there is no going back. Consumers have found a way to get fast product reviews while on the go. They might even search for reviews of your property while they are touring it. Social networking can’t be ignored.

Don’t ignore the tidal wave that is coming. As Mashable.com has predicted, it’s the future of the Internet and the future of marketing.

Sibet B Freides