08 Apr How Important Is Your Web Design?

Do It Yourself

When we start the planning process of a website, we are often excited about the possibilities at hand. With new coding techniques and interactive ways to build sites, marketers have a wide variety of tools at their disposal when it comes to web design but does this mean that we should utilize the latest bells and whistles? It really depends on your marketing goal.

For the last few years, Flash sites have been considered the upscale, high-end web design attribute. It wasn’t until recently that designers and marketers have figured out that these fancy websites might be preventing companies from achieving their goals.

A website should be designed with your target audience in mind. This seems elementary but you would be surprised how often this idea gets lost in the design process. I consider a website an extension of your overall marketing goal. It’s a tool just like anything else and it’s your most important one.

For example, we installed banners on a condo building with their web address but because the client wanted a Flash site, the consumer is unable to look at the website on their phone.

We need to adhere to the idea of “form follows function”. Our web design should be planned with the marketing functions in mind. In relation to your website, if your marketing plan doesn’t require a long, drawn out Flash intro, don’t include it. You are only wasting your consumer’s time. If the video is informative and useful, by all means include it. Just be sure not to add design elements that don’t educate and empower your consumer.

Websites have a very small time window when it comes to convincing consumers. If all of your design jazz is creating clutter, you might want to consider re-designing your site. We have all seen these kinds of sites. The ones that make you jump through hoops or watch a three-minute video before you find what you’re looking for. This can frustrate consumers and they are likely to leave your site immediately.

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