03 May The MLS Is Going Green

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As the demands for sustainable architecture and interiors continue to grow, the real estate industry is responding quickly to suit consumer demands and interest.

With the ever-growing demand for “green” homes, Realtors must learn to speak a new lingo in real estate marketing. Fortunately for them, a useful and familiar tool is starting to embrace the current market demands.

Several Multiple Listing Services have begun utilizing the new Green MLS Tool Kit. This kit will give realty brokers and salespeople a way to include the green and sustainable initiatives that consumer are seeking. The National Association of Realtors introduced the kit earlier this month and there is no timeline for its implementation since each MLS operates on a local level. A schedule will be decided on by local affiliates.

The tool kit will include a current report on the green home industry and an outline explaining the importance of a green MLS initiative. This will include strategies for effective change. It will also include case studies on how other MLSs completed their green transformation. I think this will be the most useful aspect to this new tool kit because it will paint a picture of what needs to be done to help Realtors help consumers.

The idea behind all of this is that the sustainable information on MLS will trickle down to the consumer. As you all know, consumers don’t see MLS listings, only Realtors. It’s very important that Realtors begin listing properties with sustainable features immediately. This isn’t really a market trend. It’s a transition and in my opinion, this was the obvious next step. I am glad that it’s happening and I expect to see more changes of this nature in the future.

Sibet B Freides