02 Jun Can Linkedin Help You Sell Real Estate

Realtor holding For Sale sign

If you look at the majority of social media marketing strategies you’ll probably notice that there are three components commonly used. It seems that Facebook, Twitter, and a Blog are almost always used interchangeably. This makes sense considering their broad reach and lack of specifics in demographics. I think there are certain marketing strategies that make sense with Facebook and not so much with Twitter. It really depends on whom you are trying to talk to and what you are trying to achieve.

What about LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has gained some serious steam over the last year. Members have grown by 31% and show no real signs of stopping. The average LinkedIn member is a 43-year-old college graduate making $107,000 a year and more than one quarter are senior executives. This sounds like a demographic that a lot of luxury real estate companies would like to capture. Thanks to LinkedIn’s advertising model, they can.

If you’re selling luxury condos in Atlanta than you know that LinkedIn members will meet most of your target market’s characteristics. It makes sense that luxury real estate companies are advertising here knowing that key demographics are using this network. With an ad delivery system similar to Facebook, LinkedIn is giving marketers a great opportunity to reach a more specific audience.

While this is great, it’s important to note that advertising on LinkedIn is completely different than using other social networks for a social media marketing strategy. You should view the use of any PPC advertising program the same way you view Google marketing. These messages are not social in their structure. They’re just being used on social networking sites. The same goes for Facebook. Beyond its advertising program, LinkedIn is still useful for professional networking and job hunting. Not for selling real estate.

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