09 Jul New Market Survey Defies Previous Gender Stereotypes

Couple reading real estate listings in front yard

According to recent market survey, housing desires are changing from the traditional and are evolving to suit a new economy and a new housing market.

An article on Builderonline.com details the results of a recent market survey that polled 1,000 individuals on what they desire in a home and what their major turn-offs are. The answers were very different based on the gender but there were a few were common such as the desire for green and energy efficiency.

For women, it seems that a functional floor plan is top priority for a new home, which isn’t all that surprising to me. What is an interesting trend change is that among the top priorities for females, one was a home office, a room that was traditionally designed more for males. This is in large part due to an increase in working mothers who telecommute. This is a trend that real estate experts and marketers have been predicting for a while now. It was also interesting to see that males care more about luxury bathrooms than females.

This survey shows us that the market is changing in ways that many could have never predicted. What could have been predicted is that regardless of gender, homebuyers want energy efficiency, fluid floor plans, and an ample amount of storage. These are things that won’t be changing anytime soon.

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