26 Oct Are We Ready For The Future Of Advertising?

Businessman Using Binoculars

Are we ready for the future of advertising? It’s a question that I think everyone is asking themselves right now. We were all excited about what social media had to offer but are we really ready to take it the next level?

Your quick answer might be yes but there is a difference between your will and your understanding. With the way things are going right now, digital ads are heading to a real-time biding system and social signals will be more important than just clicks or hits to your website.

Search Marketing Daily has a recent article that breaks down what will be necessary of advertisers in the near future. The article mentions the importance of advertisers to focus on interaction instead of clicks. Specifically, we must learn to align display ads against the time spent on your site and the level of engagement.

As a whole, the problem is still that businesses are unsure how to measure the success of social media. For the last two years we have been trying to figure out a good way while its opponents cite this struggle as the reason it can’t work. The reality is that it can and is working but most of us are having trouble quantifying it.

We must learn to look past the number of clicks. As new technologies are being introduced that will merge print media and digital into one user experience, there will be new ways to gauge the effectiveness of a campaign or strategy.

Sibet B Freides