21 Dec Green Products Must Be Superior

Trendwatching.com 2011 Trend Report

In a recent blog, I touched on the topic of the emerging “Urbanomics” trend as reported by Trendwatching.com.  In that blog I mentioned that urban homebuyers will be highly educated and well informed about the attributes they are looking for in a home.

In the same report, there is a section that focuses on the ever-evolving sustainable market.  In the report, there is a prediction that products that are green need to be superior to products that are not.  That means the Trendwatching.com thinks that the moral perks that come from buying sustainable products are not enough to truly influence the buying process.  This makes sense as builders and agents have learned that there are far more homebuyers looking to save money on energy than those looking to make a difference or save the planet.

The report presents some interesting statistics on consumers looking for green products.  According to the report, 40% of consumers say they are willing to purchase green products, but only 4% actually do when given the choice.  Also, 33% of global consumers think green products don’t work as well.

So in order to really reach those urban homebuyers, you are going to have to offer a superior product in their eyes, which also uses less energy.  The good news is that most of the products used in sustainable homes are superior to those that aren’t.  It all goes back to advertising those features clearly.

Sibet B Freides