25 Jan Sawbuck Real Estate Comes Out With Its Own Application For The iPhone

Mobile technologies are on the rise and that includes applications designed to assist homebuyers in their search for a new home.

The industry has seen the introduction of several smart phone applications during the previous year. Each application aims to make the homebuying experience more convenient and social. The latest application to be announced is the Sawbuck Real Estate Application from Sawbuck Real Estate.

Real Estate iPhone Application Features

This new homebuying application is loaded with features to help make the homebuying process more efficient and organized. Users can you use their phone’s GPS to locate listings on a map, develop a list of nearby homes, or generate a photo gallery. Once homes are located, the user can re-organize the listings based on their desired price range, size, and desired property type. There is also an option for searchers to take personal photos, and videos of properties that interest them. Based on personal reviews, the application will rate each home based on the number of stars out of four a user indicates. If a user gives a home 3 stars, the application deems the house a “favorite” for that homebuyer. Once users decide on which houses to tour, they can then arrange for a self-guided tour or a guided tour with a real estate agent. They have also included a “check-in” feature so users can take their homebuying experience and make it social on Facebook and Twitter.

Understanding How Consumers Use Real Estate Applications

As we continue to see new applications for real estate roll out, there are several reoccurring themes that we can count on. They will always utilize GPS, incorporate some kind of social networking feature, and they will continue to be media based with photos and videos. Real estate professionals need to tap into these new technologies and understand how today’s homebuyer shops. Giving these applications a test run will go a long way in discovering how homebuyers behave.

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