04 Feb Selling Real Estate With Lifestyle Videos

Inman.com has a great article discussing the growing popularity of using videos in real estate.

While we have long been using video to showcase homes, the article makes a suggestion that I think is dead on with today’s market.  The example used is a video for a lifestyle community.  The idea is not to feature a single home for sale but to showcase the lifestyle aspect of the community instead.  This is very similar to the social media strategies that are working right now in real estate.

A video strategy needs to be well developed before shooting is even considered.  Just like everything else in real estate marketing, you need to figure out who you are trying to reach with your video.  A firm understanding of this will allow you to plan the video and organize its contents a lot easier.

Real estate professionals can initially be resistant to this idea but when buyers are looking to purchase in a lifestyle community, it’s the lifestyle that they want to know about the most.

I am by no means saying that we shouldn’t be using videos to sell individual properties.  Videos continue to be the preferred medium of the Internet.  Words and pictures simply cannot capture the action and excitement that videos can.  A mixture of lifestyle and some product is the most effective.

While video production may seem a bit overwhelming, technology continues to make the process of shooting quality video easier.  There are even phones now that can produce video with high enough quality to show a community or a home.  Video will continue to be the most popular medium on the Internet and the real estate industry needs to continue to experiment and utilize it.

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