02 Mar Did The Google Algorithm Change Effect You?

Google recently announced one of the biggest changes to its search algorithm to date.

The soul purpose according to Google is to improve the quality of search results with the most relevant sites.  People are immediately worried about what will happen to their rankings and keywords.  To the relief of most, a lot of sites won’t see any kind of change.

The new algorithm takes aim at the content farms that have longed plagued the Internet.  These are sites that usually contain a ton of links with information that is not original to that particular site.  We have been hearing about the importance of quality and original content and this recent change reinforces that.  Google will now give more credit to sites that appear to have the highest quality content and is the original source.  This change also makes quality link building more important as well.  It is also advised to add a little diversity to your website such as videos, photos, or audio.

Don’t forget about writing.  Having a website with poor copy is an almost guaranteed way to rank lower in search engines.  Not only will Google deem your content low quality, but also bad copy will not encourage link building from other sites and social network shares.

So what does this mean?  Don’t panic if you’re a real estate blogger or your company has a blog.  Just make sure you are producing something worth reading and it’s original.

Sibet B Freides