14 Mar The Social Media Balancing Act

Companies everywhere are continuing to allocate more and more dollars for social media in their current and future marketing strategies.  This is great because it’s the first step in developing a legitimate strategy.  The problem now has to do with the incorporation of social media into a company’s overall business strategy beyond marketing alone.

EMarketer.com has published a great survey dissecting the number of marketers and their projections for future social media spending.  Data suggests that social media will see a consistent increase in budget allocation over the next five years.

The article notes that social media is no longer the new hot item that it was.  Marketers and advertisers understand it better now than ever.  The challenge now lies with its incorporation to an overall business strategy.  For last two years we have been trying to figure out how to balance social media with other forms of marketing.  We must now figure out how to balance it with the overall business goals and strategies of our companies.

How does your company balance its social message with the overall big picture?

Sibet B Freides