27 Apr Facebook Ads vs. Google AdWords – Pros & Cons

How do you know where to put your advertising dollars? Do you stick with the tried and true Google AdWords to reach your target market, or do you try to stand out among the lesser-populated (and more cost-effective!) Facebook ad universe?

Here are some quick pros and cons about each.


At this time, Facebook is indeed cheaper, sometimes enabling you and your smaller budget to target untouchable competitive markets.


Google still targets your potential clients and customers only using keyword searches. Unlike Facebook, it cannot target groups based on specific demographics, geographic data, or psychographics.


Google’s keyword system guarantees that your client is looking specifically for the product or service you offer. They are taking the time to search, so they are hungry for the benefits and results you provide.

Using Facebook criteria to target your audience means appearing in front of a group that may, at some time, have an interest in you but they obviously aren’t actively searching at that moment, so chances are they won’t click on your ad.

Google is the place everyone searches, Facebook is the place everyone (over 400 million people, anyway) hangs out. What does this mean? Google delivers results when people are actively looking; Facebook delivers a better reach of branding and awareness to your potential (but not actively looking) market.

Which is best for your business? It truly depends on the price of your product or service, the size of your business, who you are trying to reach, your budget, and the flexibility needed to build your platform.

You thought it would be clear-cut? Is any marketing strategy, really? If you still aren’t sure what medium to use to get the results you want, give Idea Associates a call and we’ll manage your entire campaign, leaving you free to do what you do best – run your business.

Sibet B Freides