18 May 7 Blogging No-Nos

I see it time and time again. Everyone wants to join the blogosphere and play in the Social Media sandbox. So they rush right out and start a blog. There are some really great blogs on the web that enhance my life tremendously. Then there are those who really don’t understand the purpose.

Hopefully, these 7 big no-nos will help you transform your blog to one that truly brings value to your readers.

  1. You write a libretto for every post. While I understand there are some topics that need detailed expansion, most blog posts should be no more than 500 words. They should be short, succinct paragraphs or bullet points that express your message loud and clear. If readers have to get to the fifth or sixth paragraph to figure out what you’re talking about, they will abandon your site faster than you can say “Sign Up for My Newsletter”.
  2. You never mix it up. You might be a well-crafted writer with abilities to bring your reader through an amazing emotional experience… but no one wants to have the same exact experience week in and week out. Really. Try doing a video post one week, or sending a short survey. You’d be surprised how much people will want to share your fresh new ideas!
  3. You use too much “shop talk”. Watch your language. Are you speaking to a co-worker in your blog post, or talking to your audience? An ideal post should give the reader the experience of sitting and chatting over coffee with an expert. Resist the urge to use too many industry terms to show off your experience. Just relate to your reader. They’ll thank you by sharing and commenting.
  4. Not using categories. Categories help organize your posts so they can be better found by both search engines and your readers. Say I came to your blog through an article about Facebook, but then saw you had an entire dedicated category about mobile marketing. As something I may need more help with, I will most likely click on that category and read through all of your posts to learn as much as I can. If all your posts are uncategorized, you may miss the opportunity to gain a new loyal subscriber.
  5. Not using captivating photos in your posts. There are numerous free stock photography sites where you can download photos that complement your article perfectly. It’s often an emotional photo (along with an intriguing headline) that is the initial draw for readers.
  6. It’s all about you. People can go to your website and learn about all your awards, accomplishments, strategies, and more. Why would they want to subscribe to your blog to get more of the same? Your blog should be about your audience. What do they need help with? What are their struggles? What can you teach them? What do they want to hear? The days of broadcasting your single-focused messages are long gone!
  7. This one tops the cake: have content. Today I was on the website of a very prestigious firm and I immediately saw the social media icons at the bottom of the page. I am a fan of this firm’s work, so naturally I clicked on their blog icon to see what kinds of great information I could get my hands on. Well, it was their blog page with a header… and NO POSTS! Why would they advertise their blog if there is nothing on it???

I hope these tips inspired you to get out there and write some great content for your readers! I’d love to hear your feedback.

Sibet B Freides