25 May 5 Ways to Make Sure Your Ad Campaign is Ineffective

1. Take all the copy from your client’s 8-page brochure and fit it into a print ad.
We are now a society amid information overload. No one has time to read long, descriptive paragraphs about a product or service that might interest them. People want to know: a.) What are the benefits? b.) Has anyone else used it and what was their experience? c.) What extra value do I get? Answer those in the clearest way possible and you will not fall victim to this mistake.

2. Use super-small, fancy script fonts so you look “upscale”
You are not writing a wedding invitation. Fonts must be large, simple, and easy to read in order to clearly state your message.

3. Only talk about how great your company is.
See #1. No one cares about your numerous awards, president’s accomplishments, or latest certifications. Well, they MAY care, but this is not your main message. Make this information available if and ONLY IF someone wants to seek it after reading about why they should use your product or service. WIIFM (What’s in it for me?) You must answer this for your potential customer or client in every message you publish.

4. Run your ad in a few magazines, but only one issue each.
It doesn’t matter what kind of market we are in or how the paradigm has shifted; consistency is still key. Start by choosing one advertising medium and seeing it through before trying to measure results.

5. Don’t proofread.
There is little more damaging to your credibility than grammar and spelling errors. If this is an ongoing issue for your staff, consider hiring a professional proofreader. You may balk at paying someone, but think about the last cost you had to eat because you let something go to the printer without being proofed properly.

BONUS: Leave off any call to action.
Humans need to be told what to do. A weak message with no strong next step will get lost. To really kick it up a notch, sprinkle in a message of urgency: Act Now! Limited Time Only! Offer Ends Tomorrow!

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Sibet B Freides