14 Jul Your Property Development Checklist

Are you considering Property Development? Here is a quick reference checklist to make sure you’re covered:


  • What is the size of the land?
  • Is the Council zone correct for the proposed development?
  • What densities are required by the Council?
  • Are there any current or future planning controls that may restrict development, such as heritage or conservation areas?
  • Is future rezoning likely?
  • What are the Council contribution fees?


  • Is the site fairly flat/level?
  • Is there dual street frontage?
  • Is it a corner site?
  • Does the slope of the site restrict the type of development proposed?
  • Are there any slip problems?
  • Will there by an exorbitant cost for filling?


  • Are there any significant trees on the site that must be retained, and which will reduce development?

Neighbouring Properties

  • What are the adjoining neighbors’ setbacks?
  • Are views available and will your development restrict your neighbors’ views?
  • Will the development affect the privacy of neighbors?
  • Does the development receive good solar access?
  • Are there special streetscape requirements that must be met?

Traffic and Parking

  • Is it safe to get in and out of the site?
  • Is the road width suitable for the scale of the development?
  • Will an increase in traffic be supported by the Council?

Surface and Ground Water

  • Is the site flood affected?


  • Is the site serviced by water, sewer, power, cabling and telephone utilities?
  • Do existing services need to be upgraded?
  • Do any sewer or water mains cross the property and will that restrict the development?
  • Are there any draining pits, power poles or electricity boxes that obstruct future access to the site?

Technological Hazards, Pollutants and Disturbances

  • Is the site significantly affected by aeroplane, traffic or train noise?
  • Is there any evidence of site contamination from past use such as a service station or intensive agriculture?
  • Is the site in the vicinity of high-tension cables?

Drop us a line and let us know some things you’ve had to overcome in your development checklists!

Sibet B Freides