19 Jul Does Direct Mail Still Work?

I’m not talking about eBlasts or opt-in newsletters. I mean something in an envelope that actually arrives in your physical mailbox.

Print is dead. Direct mail is dead. Outdoor is dead.

Or are they?

If you are still estimating your ideal client’s demographics using old-school thought processes, then buying a generic list most likely won’t work. Why? Because you really don’t know the customer or anything about them.

How does direct mail still work in a digital age?

Know your audience. Match your direct mail piece to their current lifestyle, possessions and desires or needs. Once you’ve captured your audience, really stir up their emotions. You can employ old-school marketing to the new age of really knowing your buyer and what motivates them.

What medium are you using to get to know your clients or customers?  Social Media? Focus groups? Do you hire consultants to profile your audience? Let us know by commenting on the blog below, or posting on our Facebook page!

Sibet B Freides