27 Jul Single Women and Real Estate

In 2010, unmarried women made up 20 percent of all homebuyers, according to the National Association of Realtors, compared to 12 percent of single men.

What’s responsible for such a variance? Some experts believe it is a sense of belonging, or “nesting” that drives single women to purchase a home.

The new trend of female buyers is actually causing builders to add some extra features geared toward attracting them, such as gourmet kitchens, more security features, and yards that require little or no maintenance.

So, what is the single woman looking for in a home? Like any other consumer, they desire a great location, good price, and a property that’s in good condition. It is important to single women, however, that the previous owner had given the home some TLC.

Interestingly enough, these buyers are from all different age groups and phases of life. Some are just out of college, others are divorced, widowed, and still others are empty nesters.

As single women focus on real estate, more builders and sellers will respond by catering to the needs of this buying group. We all know it is important to women that they get exactly what they want 🙂

Sibet B Freides