28 Jul The Benefits of Keeping Your Blog Up to Date

How often do you update your blog? Whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly (not recommended!), it should be consistent. Your readers come to expect new information regularly from you, and it is far worse to have sporadic entries posted than to have no blog at all.

Why? How do regularly scheduled updates help your business?


The search engine bots love new content from blogs, but only if you are updating it regularly. Providing constant updates to your website is the quickest and easiest way to get noticed by Google. That is of course if your regular posts contain strategic keywords and appropriate links.


If you are updating your blog regularly with quality, helpful content, people will return to your blog for more. Some may even subscribe! Once they do, guess what – they expect you to publish more quality, helpful content. The worst thing you can do is start and then “fall off the map”. Decide on a schedule and stick to it.


When you are consistently providing regular posts to your audience, you start to get noticed by not only your fans, but also other professionals in your field. In today’s market, people are playing in the sandbox together more and more, via joint ventures and guest blogging for each other’s communities. This can only increase your exposure and help to brand you as an expert.

If updating your blog regularly is too time-consuming for your business, contact us and we’ll help you get on track!

Sibet B Freides