03 Aug An Overlooked Priority for Homebuyers

There seems to be something happening this year important enough to make it a 2011 trend. More than ever, buyers are asking about crime rates, security, and assurance of a safe investment.

Cash buyers want to know they are investing in something safe, which is one reason they are taking money out of the stock market and banks. Long-term buyers are considering a multi-generational future. When your focus is on children and grandchildren, security becomes critical.

It doesn’t stop with traditional homebuyers: condo seekers are looking for on-site security service, a 24/7 front desk, and well-positioned security cameras.

Why the surge in interest?

Although rates have dropped in the last two decades, according to US News, an index score of 100 is equal to the national crime rate, meaning that many major US cities average an index of 350, meaning they have a crime rate more than three times the national average. Where does Atlanta sit on the chart of Top 11 Most Dangerous Cities? Number 2; shamefully holding an index of 484.

How important is safety and security to you in your home buying decision?

Sibet B Freides