09 Aug Words That Sell

“Language forces us to perceive the world as man presents it to us.”  ~Julia Penelope

How you choose your verbal packaging when making a presentation can make or break a sales opportunity. Below are five sets of words that repel versus engage your prospect.

Cost vs. Investment

When people hear the word “cost” they automatically associate it with loss, or money being wasted. An investment makes people feel they are certain to get a return. In both cases money is being spent; however cost feels like money that’s never coming back and investment feels like money that’s working for you.

Problem vs. Challenge

Never use the word problem with your prospects or sales team. It has such a negative connotation and is usually associated with pain.  People will almost always choose the path of least resistance. A challenge simply seems like a bump in the road, or something that can be overcome with a little effort.

Contract vs. Agreement

Contracts sound like they are set in stone and can never be reversed. People in general do not like to have their freedom restricted. When choosing agreement, it is perceived that two parties weighed out the risks and benefits and have come to a decision that is in the best interest of both.

Expensive vs. Top of the Line

Expensive, like cost, can feel like money being wasted, or overpriced. Top of the line really helps someone feel like they are getting the best of what’s available and that they are worth it.

Cheap vs. Economical

I don’t know anyone that likes associating with the word cheap. Especially when it feels like the quality of a product or service is compromised – you get what you pay for. Economical empowers people, as they believe they made a smart decision or purchase.

What words really repel or engage you when making a purchase decision?

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