10 Aug Home Buying Based on the Seasons

The best time to purchase a home is in the late fall or early winter. For buyers, you want to look for homes when supply is higher than demand, which gives you greater negotiating room. Purchasing when supply is low and demand is high puts you at a decided disadvantage.

Of course, buyers naturally are less inclined to move as they get closer to the holiday season. If the purchase and closing process takes three months to complete, and the house is purchased after Labor Day, the new homeowner could end up with a move-in date right around Christmas. That’s too much stress for most homebuyers. If you can handle the pressure, buying a house in late September may offer you a wider selection of affordable houses.

Conversely, toward the end of February and spring just around the corner, for-sale signs start popping up everywhere. The winter is ending and sellers want to get the house on the market as soon as possible. Likewise, buyers begin contacting real estate agents during the spring so you’ll have more competition for the house you want.

What do you think?  When is the best season to buy or sell your home?

Sibet B Freides