18 Aug Do I Really Have to Consider Mobile Marketing?

Maybe you’re still trying to figure out this Twitter thing and you simply can’t imagine why you should consider yet another “fad”. Guess what:

Mobile marketing is no longer considered “out there”, it is here and still growing. If you’re not marketing your business to mobile users, you’re missing out on traffic. Remember that SmartPhones go wherever your prospective client or customer goes – ALWAYS!

How do you take advantage of this?

Get a Mobile Website

People do not want to go to your website and have to scroll forever to see a full-sized web page on their screen. Make sure you have an alternative mobile site that is simple and smart phone compatible. WordPress makes this very easy with a simple plugin. You have no excuse J

Consider Using QR Codes

The most important question to answer about creating QR codes is, “How will it make my customers’ lives easier?” Think about not only the useful information that needs to appear when people scan them but why someone would be motivated to use it. Does it save time? Paper? Hassle?  Is it tied to a coupon or deal?

Create an App

Mobile users like apps better than web browsing because apps are dedicated to a specific function, and are often more efficient than web browsing. Make sure that your mobile app has a specific, useful function and is not just an abbreviated version of your full site.

What could clients or customers easily do with your app that they can’t efficiently do on your website? Is it easy to share information? Can you use location-based information to entice someone into your business when they are near?

Mobile Ads

Google Adwords has a program that targets mobile customers. It’s highly customizable, and although it’s a Pay Per Click option, there are new options to pay for only the calls generated by your ad. What’s next?

What about you? How are you reaching your mobile customers?

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