25 Aug How are Builders Using QR Codes?

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Mobile marketing for homebuilders has proven to now be more affordable and effective with QR Codes, which enable builders to create interactive experiences for potential homebuyers from almost any location using a Smartphone.

QR codes, short for Quick Response codes, are the black block patterns on white backgrounds that are now seen almost everywhere. A Smartphone user can scan the patterns with a free QR reader, which allows marketers to direct the user to a mobile website, a video, a social media page, text message, or connect the user directly to a sales office.

Homebuilder marketing traditionally consists of two options: print and signage, and online. Online may be cost-effective and measurable, but typically reaches potential buyers only when they are on their computer. Traditional marketing is not interactive and harder to measure.

QR Codes offer homebuilders the ability to create an interactive experience for buyers virtually anywhere.

Like any other media, builders must have a specific goal for using QR Codes. Are they trying to build or increase a social media following, expand an email opt-in database, generate more sales office traffic, or push an event or promotional offer?

Where should homebuilders place QR Codes?

You can easily augment your current marketing plan and place the Codes on print ads, social media profiles, model home displays, billboard and signs, on price sheets, property flyers, and more.

Have you used QR Codes yet? Would you consider using them for your business?

Sibet B Freides