06 Sep Are You Getting Traffic from Social Media?

You may have steadily increasing followers and ‘likers’ each week. Are they buying from you or just lurking? Content is king, but content alone won’t turn your fans into leads.

Where are the opportunities to convert them?

RSS vs. Email Subscriptions

RSS has become one of the most popular and convenient ways for readers to subscribe to your blog. You may score brownie points with your audience for allowing them to peruse on their own time, but with an RSS only subscription your only point of contact with the subscriber is when you post a new article.

Using email as your primary blog subscription vehicle allows you to capture leads while keep your subscribers up to date. Once the user has opted-in to receive updates you can now cultivate and nurture that contact into a qualified lead.

Calls to Action on your Blog Posts

Many companies lack a call to action on their entire blog or website. What about your blog posts? Are you preaching to your audience in a one-sided conversation or encouraging comments?  Do you offer a next step that is relevant to your blog topic?

Make sure it is a light call to action so you don’t turn off first-time visitors with a sales pitch, yet make it easy for them find out more.

Smart Landing Pages

Once someone has clicked through your call to action, do they go to a wishy-washy landing page? Does it go on forever using fluffy marketing terms or get to the crux of your readers’ problems?

Keep it simple and short: offer a few key questions that make your reader identify and relate to you and confirm that you have the right solution for them.

How do you convert your leads? Is your blog optimized to capture them?

Sibet B Freides