15 Nov 4 Ways to Do Holiday Marketing Right

Many businesses write off December as a marketing black hole and our clients are not unique.

Perhaps putting holiday marketing on hold means you could be missing a great opportunity to connect with your prospects. This may be a time to connect with people emotionally about what you do.

How can you use this typically overstressed time of the year to get creative about getting your message out?

A seasonal twist to your business

Ask yourself – what do people need from me during the holidays? How can I tie end of year ideas, holiday giving, or new beginnings into the product or service my business offers?

Gift certificates

Can you bundle a taste of your services and solutions into a small package and create gift certificates to give or let people buy? Think of what might be added as an upgrade or bonus and get very creative. People will be talking about you the rest of the year!

End-of-the-year and “What’s New” letter

You can get a little personal here. People like to see what you’ve accomplished, but they also look forward to how they’ll benefit from your work in the upcoming year. What’s coming up for you – do you have a new product or service you’re working on, a workshop, or a new strategic alliance you want to announce?

Focus on Social

Like social media’s “online” virtual cocktail, you probably won’t sign that large deal or get tons of new clients during a holiday social gathering. During holiday parties, people are usually relaxed about having a good time. So instead of thinking about all the deals you won’t make during the holidays, focus on the spirit of the season and build relationships.  When the season is over, you can call on your networked party connections and evoke the good feeling of having been at a holiday party together, then translate that into a conversation about how to further the relationship.

With a shift of perspective and a little creativity, you can consider the holidays a wonderful time to build new relationships and breathe fresh ideas into your business.

What unique thing do you like to provide during the marketing “blackout”?

Sibet B Freides