15 Mar Will the Echo Boomers Save the Housing Market?

The housing market has a huge impact on the health of the economy. With the seemingly upturn of the market, the catalyst will most likely be demographics.

Generation X (thirty-somethings) is small relative to the one that came before it — the baby boomers — and the one that came after it — the echo boomers. Their impact on the market has really already been made.

It is the echo boomers that should have property developers excited. These children of the baby boomers, born in the 1980s and 1990s, make up a generation even larger than that of their parents. And they are quickly entering their peak marriage and family years.

The settling down of the largest generation to date will create unprecedented demand for starter homes and rentals. Hard to imagine, could this meant that in a few short years we may actually have a housing shortage?

This seems to be turning into a very exciting time in real estate! What’s your opinion? Share your thoughts on echo boomers by commenting below or posting on our Facebook page.

Sibet B Freides