10 May How to Get a Social Media Audience

Setting up Social Media profiles for your business may seem like the hardest part; you have to know the technology to accurately create them, have appealing graphics, and know how to sprinkle the right keywords into your about page.

Most people assume if they master this part they can kick back and watch their social networks “get to work”.  Post some great articles, offer valuable and helpful information… wait. Where are the likers and followers?

Yes, content is king – but without an audience listening to your great tips what good is it?

Here are a few ways to attract people to your Social Media pages:

  • Put Facebook and Twitter links on your website that direct users to your social media pages
  • Put Facebook and Twitter links in your email signature
  • Put Facebook and Twitter names on print materials
  • Advertise your social media sites in your newsletter – make sure to highlight the benefits
  • Put a sign in your lobby or front desk; a sign will remind both prospects and residents to fan you
  • Get vendors to follow you and retweet and share special offers
  • Run a contest and use social media to help promote it

Your turn: what methods do you use to increase your fan base on Social Media? Comment below or share it on our Facebook page.

Sibet B Freides