31 May Consumers Snacking on Content – What Does it Mean for Marketers?

Today our high-powered smartphones are always on. This means that we always taking in content… just in smaller portions.

Smartphone users truly stand apart from other consumers in the way they shop, communicate, and take in media, as well as how they use their spare time. Connectedness and access to real-time information is what defines today’s culture.

Watching videos, social networking, playing games and scanning QR codes are now done anywhere, at any time – including in coffee shops, waiting on line at the bank, and sometimes even while (gulp!) driving.

Shared behavior is what sets this class apart from other consumers, not gender, age or income. Understanding these behaviors is what will help you get your marketing message across in a way that won’t inundate or interrupt your new tech-savvy audience.

One of those behaviors is to always be “snacking.” Dull moments are no longer tolerated by those connected to multi-media – instant gratification is the name of the game these days. That could mean answering and email or playing a game for a quick distraction.

This grazing on information throughout the day, whether it’s five minutes scanning the news in the morning, three minutes watching a video with their friends, or posting their Facebook status at the grocery store, these are all opportunities to reach the smartphone generation at various touchpoints throughout the day.

How do YOU reach your audience that “snacks” on content?

Sibet B Freides