17 Jul Are You Wasting Time with Social Media?

We can’t say this enough: just because you have Social Media profiles for your business does not mean you have a Social Media strategy. As with all marketing initiatives, you need a strategy and measurable goals. Without these things in place as a foundation, you truly are wasting your time with Social Media.

How Do You Make it Work?

Create Content.

Even though social media is driven by short bursts of micro-content, don’t forget that it really is just a vehicle to distribute your greater content; Blog posts, white papers, press releases and even videos are great ways to build your company’s profile and help position you as a thought leader in your industry.


Social Media provides a great platform to engage with your target audience, distribute value and help position your business, but it is not the place to make sales or directly raise your bottom line. Don’t forget that new media also includes email marketing, SEO, and formal press releases. They all work hand-in-hand to get your audience to your “home base.”


If you don’t want to seem canned and automated, you need to take time to talk with your followers and likers. Simple gestures like thanking them for their support, retweeting or sharing their content, and soliciting feedback and opinions help your audience feel like part of a community. You must appear human and most importantly – be fun and likeable!

Monitor and Respond.

Many clients balk about opening up their business to the possibility of a negative comment or review. We always say, it’s already out there – why not encourage people to share in a place where you can monitor and respond swiftly? You should make sure you reply to all questions, compliments, and complaints alike in the same timely manner or your followers will jump ship, and fast.

What about you? What sets your Social Media campaign apart? How do you keep your audiences engaged? Share by commenting below or posting on our Facebook page!

Sibet B Freides