26 Jul What’s the Appeal of Pinterest?

This newcomer has captured a lot of attention and continues to gain traction, especially with the female demographic. What exactly is the appeal of pinning, and why are people gravitating toward it?

It’s visual content is not unlike having a ton of magazines at your disposal, only without the clutter and cost. All the ideas, styles, and recipes can be categorized and accessed at any time.

Can customers buy directly from you on Pinterest?

No, but the site had an estimated 3.3 million unique visitors in the month of October. Consider the marketing potential: popular images with links back to the original source can get repinned on hundreds of other users’ boards in a short amount of time.

If you are providing quality pins, you will see the interest take off almost instantly. But remember to keep it simple. When I see images that are really blog posts in a jpg format I keep scrolling to the next set. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Just like when Twitter came out and people tried to only promote their products via tweets, Pinterest has some users that will “trick” the main purpose and display their long, soliloquy-styled infographics.

Half of the appeal of this site is its clean, uncluttered appearance.

Are your other social networks pointing to or integrated with Pinterest? Do you prominently feature the Pinterest button on your website or Blog? Just because it’s popular doesn’t mean you don’t have to expend the effort to drive traffic to it.

Another tip: don’t think you have to only pin things that are directly related to your business! Pinterest is a place to add your personal flair. Do you love animals? Shoes? Old buildings in big cities? You can create a board for all your interests without fear of scaring off your audience. They will appreciate the peak into the person behind the brand.

Of course, as with anything on the Internet, if you don’t want it seen don’t post it! There are no “hide” options on Pinterest, so if you find a cute humorous image that is questionable for your main audience, don’t repin it.

What about you? Have you started playing on Pinterest for your business yet? What’s your general feeling? We’d love to hear your opinions by commenting below or sharing on our Facebook Page! Oh and don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest!

Sibet B Freides