24 Oct Does Your Occupation Dictate Your Digital Behavior?

How much do the personal media habits and interests of advertising professionals influence the media they use for their clients? Believe it or not, some new research indicates that the personal media habits of industry pros aren’t anything like that of the consumers they are trying to influence.
Are media and advertising career folks more likely to be heavy users of digital media — particularly mobile and social? Perhaps they are also less likely to use traditional media than average consumers. If this were true, how would that affect your media budgets?
A recent study requested that a small sample of industry executives self-report their media usage during one day in their working life. This data compared their behavior with the same daily usage data among the general consumer population for 10-day periods.
The data is based on but a small sample but the industry professionals spent 53% of their waking day interacting with email, versus 20% for the general population, and they spent 28% accessing the Internet versus 15% for average consumers.

Similar statistics were discovered when it came to mobile apps and social media.
It’s obvious why the numbers are higher, but the most important questions remains: are you using your own lifestyles to gauge the digital behaviors of your clients and their customers? Share your thoughts by commenting below or posting on our Facebook page!

Sibet B Freides