07 Nov Sneaky Tips to Find Relevant Content

Do you write a Blog? Are you constantly struggling to figure out what your audience wants to read?

When it comes to content marketing research, there are so many tools at your disposal that it can be overwhelming.

Here are a few simple ones we recommend starting out with.

Google AdWords: Keyword Tool

What is your ideal client searching for? All research and analytics start with keywords, so if you haven’t already conducted thorough keyword research for your business, this should be your first step. The Google AdWords: Keyword Tool is one of the best free keyword tools available to marketers.

It can tell you which keywords are searched more than others, including broad or exact phrase matches. If you don’t know what your readers are searching for you will not be found.


This site helps instantly generate ideas. All you need to do is enter a keyword phrase and Soovle will display keyword suggestions from up to 15 different websites. You are able to customize which sites are included, which can be useful depending on your target market.


Topix.com is a great resource for content ideas. Just enter a search term and the Topix engine will produce results that include news articles, forums, question-and-answer sites and blog posts that relate to your keyword.

This tool also allows you to set a location to get local results, which is priceless for location-based marketing strategies.


This new tool lets you know what your readers are talking about over other social networks. Don’t discount the value of discovering trending articles and social commentary based on specific keywords. Bottlenose is a social search engine and can really help you create news or hot topic-led content.

Questions and Answers

If you truly want to know your potential clients’ needs and struggles, the best way is to go where they are. What questions are they posting on LinkedIn Discussions, Quora, and other discussion groups relevant to your business.

Solving your readers’ problems is always a priority when it comes to creating helpful, engaging content that is sure to be shared.

How do you find content your readers love?

Sibet B Freides