14 Nov Technology and Location – Top Appeals

It’s time to start appealing to the up-and-coming demographic on a larger scale. Several surveys have been conducted recently on the housing preferences of Gen Y, and those findings showed that location and technology were of some of the utmost importance to this unique group. Space and looks are not so high on the scale as they have been in previous generations.

As marketers, we have to speak to them in the way that they see themselves.

What is Gen Y looking for?

You guessed it – they are seeking affordability, flexible spaces, places to gather socially, and urban living. Interaction and convenience are the name of the game; it’s not necessarily about being trendy.

These high-tech renters are looking for iPod docks and charging stations, social lobbies and great clubrooms.

How do you market to this group?

Start building the buzz early. Although you should depend highly on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and 4square, don’t forget the importance of leveraging review and rating sites. Gen Y doesn’t make decisions without trustworthy comments from their peers.

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Sibet B Freides