16 Jan Google+: New Social Tactics?

Google doesn’t seem to like competition. It is challenging its rival, Facebook, by using a controversial tactic: requiring people to use the Google+ social network.

What? That’s right – if you create an account on ANY of Google’s products such as Gmail, YouTube and even the Zagat restaurant review website, a Google+ profile page will automatically be set up and viewable by anyone.

Google+ users are encouraged to create digital “circles” of friends and spend time interacting with them on the Google+ site instead of hanging out on Facebook. So far, we haven’t seen anything CLOSE to Google+ replacing Facbook time – how about you?

Google created Google+ so Facebook won’t dominate the social networking business… but now the CEO is ordering quite aggressive measures to get people to employ it!

It seems as if Google wants Facebook’s ability tie people’s online activities to their real names and know who those people’s friends are. This kind of information of course helps Facebook target people with more relevant (and therefore, more profitable) ads.

Do you think Google+ is trying to hard to compete with Facebook? What are your thoughts on getting people to share information unwillingly? Share by commenting below or on our Facebook Page. You can leave your comment on our Google+ page, but chances are we won’t engage with you there 😉

Sibet B Freides