06 Feb Are Real Estate Trade Shows Still Relevant?

It’s obvious that the value of trade shows is the face-to-face networking with your buyers. But do they still work? Or do attendees simply get lost and overwhelmed?

What if you could have a way to interact with your potential buyers before they even step foot in your aisle? You can do this through digital support. Imagine attendees being able to schedule appointments, navigate the layout according to their preferences and finding out about specials before arriving at the show… digital tools and social media can help your buyers maximize their time, stay connected to you and achieve their show objectives.

Just like any marketing objective, trade show vendors must also establish long-lasting relationships with their buyers and be seen as a credible source for connecting.

The Pros and Cons

Trade shows can definitely engage current and potential buyers and provide opportunities to create relationships, meet key partners, showcase new products, become aware of new industry trends, and establish your company as an industry leader.

However, they do require a great deal of time, money and staff – and there is no guarantee that attendance will make it worthwhile. Are the benefits worth the cost? If your trade show presence offers value added benefits and uses digital tools wisely as part of your overall strategy you have a good chance at thriving.

What’s your trade show experience? Do you think they are still relevant? Share by commenting below or posting to our Facebook page!

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