06 Mar Can You Get New Business Through Social Media?

Agencies, if you are an active participant in social media can you generate new business for your agency and your clients?

Social media reminds ad agencies how to do new business the tried and true way: by identifying a target audience, showing your audience their benefits rather than showcasing your capabilities, and establishing relationships above all.

Social media is today’s networking and word of mouth.

Regardless of your schedule and the number of clients on your plate, you have to do social media right if you want to convince your clients that you can do the job for them!

Why Should You Use Social Media as an Agency?

Social media done right can help your agency achieve many goals, like showing your clients how you stay on the cutting edge of the marketing landscape. You may boast that you “partner with your clients” but they actually want leadership not partnership. Social media can illustrate to them that it’s possible for you to how they should market themselves better than they do.

To expand your networking, you can reach and engage so many more people on a daily basis through social than you ever could in person.

Another benefit is organic SEO from the fresh and relevant content you consistently publish over your social networks.

Finally, social media is based on relationships. It is just natural for people to want to work with people that they know, trust and like. The transparency that is a big part of social media allows you to build more relationships without geographic limitations.

What do you think? Has social media enabled you to secure and retain new relationships and, ultimately, new business? Share your story by commenting below or posting on our Facebook page!

Sibet B Freides