10 Apr Does Your Website Reflect Your Company’s Personality?

More than two-thirds of customers research a product online before making a purchase.  Do you give your site visitors easy, intuitive access to the information they need? How convenient is your navigation? Your website should be a powerful extension of your brand’s personality.

The look

Potential clients will leave your site fast if it’s not inviting.  Keep backgrounds a neutral color so visitors stay focused on the content.  Don’t distract them with unnecessary flash animations or designs, and keep the page layout consistent throughout.

Your website should be a reflection of your brand.  Use graphics and colors to show an attitude, a style of language to communicate who you really are.

The logic

Today more than ever we have a short attention span. Google and Bing ran experiments that deliberately lengthened – by milliseconds – the time it took a page to load.  The drop-off rate was staggering.

Information should be presented in a logical order. Most people read left to right, so keep that in mind. Navigation bars should make it extremely easy for visitors to quickly find what they need.

Lead capturing

Create an e-newsletter or offer weekly specials – something people sign up to receive. Add LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook “Like” and “Follow Us on Twitter” buttons to your site to make it easy for people to connect with you. Once they’re there, be sure you have a strong call to action so they buy or request more information.

Go mobile

46% of American adults now own a smartphone.  This presents a huge opportunity for marketers, because their customers are accessing their phones for the same reasons they access their desktop computers, but they’re doing it from just about anywhere.  A mobile website is an equally important component of your online strategy.

Sibet B Freides