10 Jun Mobile Targeting – It’s Getting More Precise

First there was geo-targeting, or employing location-based techniques to reach your target market. But advertisers are getting savvy to more precise methods to reach mobile users on the move.

Brand campaigns using techniques such as targeting based on location-specific consumer behaviors increased to 58%, up from 27%. Oddly, the proportion of campaigns relying on geotargeting — including zip codes, cities and DMAs—fell from 64% to 40%.

The use of image branding methods only (letting an ad have run of site) has fallen to 2%.

What does this mean?


Advertisers are increasingly attempting to target mobile audiences based more closely on their exact location rather than just a zip code. An example would be having ads click through to a landing page that is specific to the nearest location as well as options to save a coupon presented, get the address, phone number and map and directions.

Market awareness display ads are less effective in driving immediate online or offline actions.

Businesses that get the best results from this precise targeting are restaurants, telecommunications and insurance companies. Auto, retail and health and beauty stores also receive great results.

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