01 Jul Top Social Sites in April 2013

For the month of April 2013, there are some interesting changes in social network rankings. Here are the highlights:

Rising Up

YouTube continues to rise to its highest level ever. As the number two search engine in the world, it started to move up from November 2012. People are spending more and more time on sharing videos, bringing its market share of visits to 24.74 percent.

LinkedIn has also reached its highest market share of visits. May can be an active business month, which could help the business social network grow its market share even more.

Tumblr continues its upward march achieving another highest market share of visits: 0.52 percent in April 2013.

Pinterest moved from 1.14% in March to 1.17% in April. With such an explosive entry into the social realm, these numbers now indicate that its popularity is tapering off and stabilizing.


Facebook has actually fallen to its lowest numbers in almost 3 years. Ironically, it’s still the dominant social networking site but the loss of 1.43% of market share means tens of millions of visits lost.

Twitter is also dropping rapidly. It has fallen to 1.60% of market share of visits. This is the lowest number in more than a year and the trend-line seems to point down.

Are these sites really declining or is it the fact that mobile app usage isn’t tracked or is there simply less excitement, which leads to less overall usage?

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