08 Jul LinkedIn – Now You Can Share Visual Items in Your Status

Less than a month after it introduced multimedia content to users’ profile pages, LinkedIn has rolled out similar functionality for status updates.

You can now upload images, documents, and presentations to any post. This new feature will provide users a much broader and richer opportunity to engage with the people they know.

Soon you will be able to upload new content by clicking the paperclip icon in the top right hand-corner of the text field, before hitting the ‘Add a File’ option towards the bottom of the dialog box.

Only images, documents and presentations can be uploaded locally, however. To attach videos or other rich media content, users will need to manually paste the URL into the share box.

LinkedIn has actively pushing its redesigned homepage as a real-time social feed in hopes of driving engagement similar to Twitter and Facebook.

What do you think? Do you use LinkedIn more and more as a social hub or continue to keep your “business” social networks separate from your more personal profiles? Share by commenting below!

Sibet B Freides