17 Jul Between Keywords and Content Your Readers Wait to Discover You

How many times have you been told that all you have to do is create stellar content and your Blog will be an instant hit? We all know it doesn’t quite work that way.

Of course great content is “half the battle”; but how do you get your content discovered?

Keywords, keywords, keywords.

Keywords are definitely the right strategy, but not if you randomly stuff them into your article or page.  The best way is to use keywords in your headline. Your headline (or title) carries the most weight. It’s first in the list of what the search engine seeks. When the title matches any version of what the search engine user has entered, it’s what gets presented in the search engine result page.

How do you start?

You begin with an idea for your content, which of course, should match your marketing objectives. We’ll use SEO advice as an example.

A Google search for “SEO” produces 718,000,000 results. Absent of any keyword research, your article will compete on that very large playing field. You must filter it down to a more focused idea.

Anyone can perform free research to add a few more words to a keyword phrase, but it doesn’t really help that much. Learning how many search engine results a keyword or keywords phrase returns isn’t nearly as powerful as learning how often the keywords are searched and to what degree online advertisers compete for them.

Long Tail Pro is an inexpensive keyword research tool that is recommended by some very accomplished content marketers. Using this tool for the term “SEO” confirms that steep competition exists. However, in addition to giving you search data, Long Tail Pro also gives you all kinds of ideas for alternate keyword ideas.

To pare it down even further try putting your main topics together in one phrase (for this article we would use ‘keywords and content’ together).

Long Tail Pro reveals that the search volume is substantial and the competition is low. So now you have what you need to include in your headline.

Have you ever tried Long Tail Pro? How do you find your ideal keywords? Share by commenting below!

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