04 Sep Are You Making These Mistakes in Your Newsletter?

Do you try to connect with your audience with a monthly newsletter only? Are you seeing the results from your efforts?

Chances are, you’re not.

If you rely on the monthly newsletter approach by publishing a newsletter at a fixed date every month, regardless of whether or not you have anything to say, you end up creating content to suit a deadline rather than your audience.

Why is this an issue?

The email marketing service iContact has some suggestions. Waiting until a set monthly date can sometimes lead to too much content. Email marketing works at its best when it is kept short and to the point. Subscribers are highly unlikely to scroll through multiple articles and links in the hope of finding something useful.

What about the quality of what you’re saying? Are you publishing irrelevant, un-newsworthy material that fails to engage your subscribers? If your open and unsubscribe rates are higher than average, you may want to rethink your content.

Pay attention to your timing as well. If you’re saving all your material for the end of the month you may be missing out on relating to your audience with current events, headlines and time-sensitive offers.

A sole monthly newsletter is not the best strategy. Don’t create content just to fill a quota and when you DO have something to say, don’t sit on it. Get your message out there.

If you do publish a monthly newsletter, make sure you complement it with more regular, targeted campaigns throughout the month.

How often do you publish your newsletter? What kind of content gets the best open rates for you? Share by commenting below!

Sibet B Freides