07 Oct How to Build Your Brand’s Credibility Online

If you’re playing the social networking field, you know that there’s no magic formula to become a credible brand. It takes time and patience to build trust among your audience; however, consistency and frequency are not always the keys! You can consistently post about all your awards or how great your service is, but that’s not what brand leadership is really made of.

According to Social Media Today, research from the Harvard Business School has shown that people want leaders who are less assertive. Customers love brands that are expressive, loyal, flexible, patient, collaborative and reasonable. Empathy and vulnerability are no longer looked down upon but are seen as signs of humanness from a brand.

Letting these traits bleed through in your status updates and posts, you’ll be able to truly start to connect with your customers.

Keep Calm and Comments On…

Don’t fear feedback! It can come in positive and negative formats, but it really does you a disservice if you don’t respond to all comments (with grace and respect, of course).

You can even take it a step farther and reach out to customers who are not satisfied with your services. Ask them for feedback. By showing concern, you would already lessen their negative thinking about your brand. Next, do what you can for them.

Keep a comments section on your blog and encourage questions, opinions, voting and sharing!

Be Real

Customers want candid conversations with brands and you can’t establish trust without being honest about your business. Share information with them that’s real and relevant. Even if it isn’t always positive.

You can also promote your brand by sharing photos of employees at work. This may seem silly and unprofessional to you, but they all help your customer visualize the personality behind your brand.

How does your company show transparency and credibility online? Share your comments below or post to our Facebook page!

Sibet B Freides