28 Oct Creative Ways to Boost Your Blog

Are you stuck in a rut with your Blog? If you’re getting kind of bored with your blog, then certainly your readers are too.

It doesn’t have to be this way! With a few new ideas to boost your blog’s energy you can win back your blogging muse (and your audience!).

Play “Devil’s Advocate”

A healthy debate is always fresh and beneficial to your audience. Chances are you’re known for certain opinions in your industry when it comes to “how to” or the latest trends. How about presenting the other side? Or dissecting two opposing views equally in your post and let your readers chime in? You will certainly drum up some engagement with this method!

New Traditions

What about starting a weekly theme that’s somewhat off-topic from your usual posts? Inspiration Monday? Video Thursday? Interview Week? Mixing in something new can add a few new “toppings” to plain old vanilla topics.  To boost readership, the Wall Street Journal underwent a similar transformation a few years ago when the “just the facts” financial paper started introducing soft stories about celebrities, politics and other mainstream news.

Progress Pictures

As exciting as your current success is, it’s often more interesting to see where you were at an earlier time. Sharing old pictures and the story behind them are great ways to garner conversation.  How about a real-time journey? For example, you can decide to start a newsletter and walk your readers through your actual process. If you include your stumbling blocks as well as successes people will be inspired by your “humanness”.

Speaking of Stumbling Blocks…

What have you done that didn’t quite get the result you were hoping for? What was the hardest lesson to learn? Give readers some dirt to enjoy so they can relate to you and appreciate how far you’ve come and the hardships you faced along the way. Believe me, share your struggles with readers – make your mess your message – and you will inspire and motivate people in a whole new way!

Memes and Captions

Everyone loves pictures, so why not play around with some? You can do a lot by simply adding captions to awkward or funny pictures. Try to find some that aren’t already old online. Pictures of your pets are an excellent place to start some humorous caption contests or to show off your abilities with clever wording.




Share Your Success Stories

Forget the marketing fluff. Share the nitty-gritty client successes and what it took to get there. Did you go through a time when traffic was low? When you thought you would never get the client to their goal? How did you overcome it? How did it inspire new and fresh ideas? This is the real deal that converts every single one of your readers to your raving fan.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Camera

Quit typing and start talking. Have a bit of fun and introduce a video every now and again just to see what your readers think. You can show yourself or just do a voice over if you’d like to shake things up a bit by adding more media.

Industry Round-Up

Everyone likes to have the news delivered easily in a one-stop shop. What about a Friday weekly roundup of news so that readers can see all of the main trends and topics in your industry in one place?

Ask a Child’s Opinion

For guaranteed innocent, lighthearted humor ask a child something about your industry or your business. Everyone likes to hear the silly things kids say, so ask and see what sort of silly phrases you can pull out for everyone to enjoy.

Share Your Inspiration

You might think movies or music have nothing to do with your industry, but the truth is there are certain things that speak to you and affect all aspects of your life. What are the movies that make you more productive? What songs put you in the right mindset for writing? Music and films are excellent ways to relate to audiences and make business just a bit more personal or personable.

You can do something fresh and exciting by just “shaking it up a bit.” You already have an excellent foundation, now go out and get them talking! What idea will you try first? Share by commenting below!

Sibet B Freides