11 Dec Multi-Gen Homes – Back in the Spotlight

New homes are back and they’re more than 20 percent larger than a resale home as builders across the country added more space to accommodate post-recession lifestyles: three generations living under one roof.

This type of arrangement is becoming the new norm: grandmother, mother, and college-aged daughters sharing a nearly 3,000 square foot living space. Builders are catching on and creating homes for this type of living – including features such as an attached 600-square-foot suite, complete with a kitchenette and living room.

Lennar is leading the way with their “NextGen” floor plans – available now in 18 states. The company says 25 percent of its sales in Arizona last year were NextGen homes.

Builders and designers are taking note of both struggling adult children moving home and the millions of aging baby boomers who will need affordable places to live for years to come.

Though space can still be tight for multi-generational living, it can be good for the family, especially financially.

The last few years have been a struggle for many; to be able to be there for each other is a blessing for many families.

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Sibet B Freides