27 Jan Direct Mail is Hot Again – Huh?

Classic Mailbox on Lush Green Grass Lawn with Topiary Shrub.Say what? But direct mail and other print products are dead – this is the digital age! So we thought. According to Blog Notions, here we are in 2014 and guess what – direct mail is the hot new media.

Think about it – everyone is turning their time and advertising budget to online and suddenly our mailboxes that used to spew out tons of postcards and flyers is less crowded. So what do consumers do when they’re no longer overwhelmed? They pay attention.

Your direct mail still has to be attention grabbing and stand out – I suspect many people do what I do: sort my mail directly over the garbage can while standing at the mailbox. So you have to make an impression and fast.

According to a predictive article on Blog Notions, McLellan Marketing Group‘s clients get the best direct mail results by employing these philosophies:

Be odd:  Odd sized mail is always noticed.  Or use a translucent envelope with a bright colored piece of paper inside.  Think texture too — maybe the envelope feels interesting or different.  The point is to get noticed before they even open up the piece.

Be lumpy: Want to get opened for sure?   Be 3-dimentional.  Lumpy mail gets opened because no one wants to accidentally throw away something of value. And better yet — no admin or secretary is going to open a package addressed to their boss.  So you can dodge the gatekeeper with a bit of bulk.

Be late:  The focus has shifted from drop date to in-home date. Studies have shown time and time again that the end of the week to be most effective for delivery. This is based on the tested and proven theory that many people spend time on the weekend going through mail that was put aside to look at again. Having the mail piece arrive closer to the weekend puts your mail on top of the pile.

You can take advantage of the lack of clutter and take center stage again if you do your direct mail campaign right.

In what ways does your direct mail stand out to increase the open rate? Share by commenting below!

Blog Notion’s original post Direct mail is the hot new media appeared first on Drew’s Marketing Minute.

Sibet B Freides