05 Feb Single Family Home Investing… Which Markets are Strong?

ideaviews real estate investmentInvesting in single-family homes as rental properties is still lucrative, especially in markets with job growth in low wage professions, population growth, and lower average home prices.

Builder Online recently published a list compiled by HomeVestor of the top 10 markets for investment—and nine risky markets to steer clear of—based off their data and Local Market Monitors.

The top markets that made the list for Safe Investing include Fort Worth, Texas; Dallas, Texas; Charlotte, North Carolina; Nashville, Tennessee; Atlanta, Georgia (yes!); Orlando, Florida; Las Vegas, Nevada.

Risky markets are defined as those with a weak population and job growth and include Los Angeles, California; Gary, Indiana (really?); Providence, Rhode Island; Buffalo, New York; Cleveland, OhioBirmingham, Alabama; Detroit, Michigan.

To read the full list, go to BuilderOnline.com.

Do you agree? What market do you think is the strongest for investing?

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