21 Apr Home Offices are Shrinking Again

Once again, according to the National Association of Home Builders, home offices are shrinking, making way for one of the biggest trends in residential real estate – the pocket office.

A pocket office is a small space devoted to paying bills, budgeting and other household affairs and is usually about half the size of a formal home office.

Instead of being a segregated room (such as a converted spare bedroom), pocket offices are created in high-traffic areas of the house where family members interact the most.

Why are pocket offices more efficient in homes?

For one, technology is shrinking. Desktops turned into laptops, which turned into tablets and even smartphones. A huge separate office with a clunky desk, fax machine and filing cabinets are simply not needed today.

Additionally, even with the real estate market in recovery, multigenerational living is still here. Spare rooms have been turned into accommodations for extended family, and kids aren’t quite moving out as quickly and fervently as they did before the recession.

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Image courtesy of Meritage Homes

Sibet B Freides